The Pillars of ∑A

  • Scholarship, Leadership, Fellowship and Service

    The sisters of Sigma Alpha strive to be proficient in all four of the Sigma Alpha pillars to grow as leaders within the local and agricultural community, to prove academically successful throughout their college career, and to become well rounded women ready for life after College Park. 

  • Scholarship:

      Our sisters must maintain a 2.25 GPA while being involved with one other club, taking 18 or more credits, or working 20 or more hours a week. Many of the Beta Alpha members share the same majors or classes so there are plentuy of opportunities for academic support. We frequently organize study groups within the sorority, especially when midterms and finals come around.




       Sigma Alpha sisters take pride in being active in the local and state community and participating in programs such as Ag in the classroom, events such as volunteering with local animal shelters and raising money for Heifer International. All of our past and present philanthropy events and projects can be found on our Philanthropy Events page.




  • Leadership:

       The members of Sigma Alpha are expected to be well rounded students within academic and extracurricular fields. All of our sisters are involved in at least one other club within the university and/or community, in which many sisters hold leadership positions. Ag council, Collegiate 4-H, Pre-Veterinary Society, Block and Bridle, Equestrian club, and Equestrian Team are just a few of the clubs in which our sister are involved. We strive to enhance our leadership development by attending events such as our annual National Leadership Seminar which is jointly attended by our brothers in Alpha Gamma Rho. This provides all members an opportunity to hold a position within the chapter, and offering an array of projects for members to preside over. There are also many leadership opportunities within the sorority itself. Members can hold positions, be a committee chair, and be participate in differernt committees.

  • Fellowship:

       Linking the sisters of Sigma Alpha together is the common passion for promoting and advocating for agriculture. Needless to say, sisterhood is a large part of our sorority. Growing lifelong connections, the Beta Alpha chapter participates in many networking and bonding events throughout each school year. We have a weekend long retreat every semester to grow our bonds as sisters and plan for next semester. In the past we have camped on Assateague Island with the wild horses and we have camped in southern Pennsylvania where we enjoyed activities such as bonfires, monster truck mud racing, pumpkin patches and corn mazes. Sisterhood activities are held once a month where we find a fun local activity to enjoy such as attending concerts, pumpkin carving, and tractor driving lessons!